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It's Irin again. How are you?

I know some of you struggles during this pandemic, but this one must to save for you next destination to Bali. And you should give it a go.


Bali is an exotic island, known as "THE GODS OF ISLAND"

I'm here to give some tips for your travel visit to Indonesia. Maybe fews of you have been to this places below, but yes, here we go.


1. Hidden Canyon Beji Guwang

This place is good for those who admire adventure. A natural big rocks, cave, and free swimming. But, you have to hire a guide, they will help you during the journey. The reason you should hire them, there is also a hidden dangerous spot we might not notice. Best time to go 9-10AM. Entrance fee is around 100-200k Rp.


2. Campuhan Ridge Walk, Ubud

A place for your natural exercise. A long path with villagers & jungle surroundings while walking. Best time to go in the morning 5-8AM, or evening time 5-7PM. No entrance fee required.


3. Banyu Wana Waterfall, Wanagiri

The most exotic waterfall in Bali. Unknown to many, untouched, and amazing gem. 2hours driving from Denpasar. 20mins trekking to get to the falls. Banyu Wana is actually the first set of Bhuana Sari Waterfall. Worth to visit along with your friends. Best time to go 8-10AM. Entrance fee 15-30k Rp


4. Karang Boma, Jimbaran

This place is really good for your sunset pic! if you are a fan of silhouette, this one would be your perfect choice. It's a cliff to enjoy the sound of the waves. You can do a little picnic, but to remember, keep the place clean, to respect the locals. Best time to go 5-6PM. No Entrance fee required.


5. Batur Mount, Bangli

Mount Batur is an active volcano in north-west area. Surrounded by the famous lake. In the way, you can stop by just to see the monkeys around and taking picture of how beautiful the place is. It's gonna be cold, so prepare your jumper. You can hire local guide or agent that do sunrise trekking. It takes 2hours hike, but when you get up there, it's so magnificent. Approximately cost 500-800k depends on the service agent offer. So, choose what you need to do.


6. Bukit Cemara, Karangasem

If you happen to make friend with local, you will be able to do this list. It's a sunrise camping spot. You can hire tent and stuff in Denpasar. Place called "Smart Camping Denpasar". It takes 2-3hours to get to this place. The road is a bit rough, just to make sure of your bike in a good performance. You can build a tent, and enjoy the view right in front of Agung Mountain and the magical sunrise. No entrance fee required.


7. Desa Pinggan, Kintamani

Only one hour to go from Ubud. Most friendly villagers, balinese culture, it's all-in-one. It's also a good spot for your instagram picture. Do it on sunrise, you will be total amaze! No entrance fee required.


8. Marigold fields, Desa Temukus

If you've ever wondered, there's one particular flower used in religious rituals in Bali, the marigold flower, or local known as "Gemitir". Imagine you stand in between this field, what an experience. Sometimes the owner asked for a little money to feed the land, my suggest give them around 10-20k. It's worth for memories exchange. Best time to go 10-12PM.


9. Peguyangan Waterfall, Nusa Penida

An island that you must visit. There are so many places you would love to explore. One of them is the infinity pool in Peguyangan Waterfall. Or we usually call it "Stair Way To Heaven". It's like 1000 steps to go down. If you happen to go down, you will find a sacred place for local to do the rituals. Then you have to go down further until you find a natural pool. You can swim in here, while watching the ocean. Best time to go when it's low tide which is around 11-3PM. Entrance fee cost 15-20k Rp.


10. Lovina, North coast of Bali.

1,5hours driving from Canggu. If you wanted to see dolphins, snorkelling, and diving experience, this is the place to go. The place is quiet, a bit old, but it's like a natural healer. Fresh air. Breathtaking view. Usually the hotel/homestay you stayed will offer you the dolphins experience. They will pick you up around 5AM, before you see the dolphins, you will get a chance to see the sunrise. Just wow!


So, yeah..

I think it's gonna be your amazing experience. I have been there before, and you will know what I actually felt. Give it a try! Don't forget to take your BeeQueenies with you. You need a quality bikini though.






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